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Tubelite expands ForceFront Blast product family for DoD, GSA, VA applications

June 29th, 2021|

Tubelite ForceFront Blast Standard EntranceWalker, Michigan (June 2021) – Tubelite Inc. has expanded its ForceFront® Blast product family to include a full range of high-security curtainwall, storefront, entrance door systems for low- and mid-rise government, health care, educational and commercial building projects.

Tubelite’s ForceFront Blast systems are engineered to comply with the blast hazard-mitigating requirements for U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), General Service Administration (GSA) and Veterans Affairs (VA) applications. In addition to verified fenestration systems, Tubelite provides its clients with engineering and estimating support services to deliver projects’ required performance with competitive pricing.

Tubelite ForceFront Blast Curtainwall“The Tubelite ForceFront Blast family of products are now a complete package of curtainwall, storefront and entrances, providing maximum safety and security for public and private construction projects,” said Greg Hall, Tubelite’s product development manager. “ForceFront Blast systems are engineered for simple integration with each other in complex, new construction DoD, GSA, VA and other applications, or as part of a building envelope retrofit.”

Hall continued, “The goal is to protect people, property and assets, and to do so [ Read More… ]

Tubelite expands MaxBlock Sun Shades product line with new single-blade airfoil design

November 16th, 2020|

Walker, Michigan (Nov. 2020) – Offering more options for daylighting and shading strategies on commercial buildings, Tubelite Inc. introduces MaxBlock® Single Blade Sun Shades with a single, horizontal, airfoil-shaped blade in 6- and 9-inch depths, and widths spanning up to 149 inches. This new design expands the MaxBlock Sun Shades by Tubelite line of multi-blade airfoil, tubular and “Z” blade sun control product selections.

Sun shades contribute to managing solar heat gain by shading vision glass, while allowing natural light into the building envelope without obscuring the view. This helps maintain a comfortable interior temperature for building occupants and minimizes glare on screens and monitors, along with the associated eye strain. For building owners, reducing solar heat gain and the corresponding HVAC demands increases the opportunity to save on utility costs with energy-efficient performance.

Tubelite’s MaxBlock Sun Shades can be manufactured with recycled aluminum content. The products’ many attributes support projects seeking certification through U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® rating systems, and other performance-based environmental and wellness programs. Protecting the aluminum and enhancing the building’s design, the sun shades can be finished [ Read More… ]

Tubelite INT67 expands interior framing options for retail spaces and commercial offices

March 5th, 2020|

Tubelite INT67 Interior Framing blends transparency and flexibility with simplified, fast-track construction for retail space, commercial offices and other interior build-outs. The aluminum frames are installed after drywall, completely covering the end of the stud wall. Perimeter trim adapters allow for a breadth of design configurations.

Tubelite’s INT67 profiles have a 2-inch face and 5-1/2-inch depth, and perimeter trim adapters easily cover standard 4-7/8-inch metal stud and drywall systems. Enhancing interior design and décor, Tubelite’s framing and door systems can be finished in a choice of 19 standard paint and 11 anodize colors. Supporting green building goals, the aluminum interior framing members can be specified with recycled content.

Completing the interior enclosure, INT67 framing systems conveniently integrate with Tubelite’s standard entrance doors. Gaskets, in choice of black or gray, accommodate standard 1/2-inch glass thicknesses and can be modified for 1/4- to 3/4-inch-thick glazing. Bulb gaskets at the interior/exterior joint with drywall provide a uniform appearance and do not require sealant.

The aluminum framing is shipped in “stick” lengths and fabricated with screw spline construction. This allows material to be ordered prior to having the exact opening [ Read More… ]

Tubelite ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact doors help protect people and property

October 28th, 2019|

Helping protect people and property, Tubelite Inc. introduces its ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact architectural entrance door systems with an expanded choice of approved hardware. These new door systems are ideally suited for low- and mid-rise retail, educational, hospitality, government and institutional buildings in regions with hurricanes and storms.

Engineered for compliance with High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Wind Zone 3, large missile impact, these ForceFront Storm door systems also meet large missile impact glazing requirements for C, D, and E missile per Testing Application Standard (TAS) 201 and ASTM E1886-13a and E1996-17. They achieve up to 70 psf Design Pressure and meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) test standard for forced entry resistance.

Available as Standard Medium and Standard Wide Stile in 1.75-inch depths, or Monumental Medium and Monumental Wide Stile in 2-inch depths, Tubelite’s ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact side-hinged doors’ hardware choices from widely accepted industry sources include concealed vertical rod (CVR) and rim exit devices, active and inactive door lock assemblies, removable mullions, and continuous gear, offset pivot or butt hinges.

Featuring durable, tie-rod corner [

In the News: Tubelite selected as Buildings’ Money-Saving Product

April 1st, 2019|

Buildings magazine has selected Tubelite’s 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series as a top Money-Saving Product for 2019. This system offers valuable savings in labor and installation time spent in the field.

The 400 4-Sided SSG Cassette’s glass-to-edge design can be used with Tubelite’s 400CW, 400T, 400SS and 400TU curtainwall framing to accomplish the clean all glass appearance on the exterior.

For more information on this system, visit our webpage.


Tubelite’s new, thermal pressure plate for curtainwall

March 28th, 2019|

Tubelite introduces a new, thermal pressure plate for use on all of our curtainwall systems with a 2-1/2-inch sightline. This new thermal pressure plate employs the following features and benefits:

  • The same 8-inch-on-center screw spacing as on our standard aluminum pressure plates
  • With a comparable thickness as the aluminum pressure plates, the same fastener can be used with no flat washers required
  • IDs built into the face for location of weep holes for the system used
  • Standard isolators are used for our 400CW and 400T systems, and a continuous seal for our 400TU and 400SS systems in lieu of an isolator
  • The new, thermal pressure plate matches the strength of aluminum and exceeds that of our polyamide pressure plate, while offering comparable thermal performance at the same price point as polyamide
  • All of our standard 400 Series face covers are interchangeable with the new PTB120 pressure plate
    (E4TB64 shown at right)

The new, thermal pressure plate is part number PTB120. Updates to the price book, installation manuals and perimeter sheet details are available. For more information, please see the new product bulletin.



400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series: proprietary anchors / glass-to-edge glazing

January 25th, 2019|

Tubelite Inc. launches a new 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series glazing system for building envelopes in low- and mid-rise commercial curtainwall applications, such as retail centers, offices, health care facilities and schools. The aluminum-framed, factory-fabricated and factory-glazed system is field installed into the curtainwall grid with 2.5-inch interior sightlines and the strength of variable-depth back members in sizes from 5-5/8- to 10-inches.

This new cassette system allows for Tubelite’s proprietary glass-to-edge glazing, accommodating 0.25-inch-thick glass to triple-glazed units, without the need for captured perimeter members. It also features pivot-and-slide head and jamb anchors, and roll-over dead load sill anchors for fast and accurate installation.

“No other manufacturer offers this concept and a U.S. patent is pending approval on a number of our unique Cassette Series features,” said Tim Fookes, Tubelite’s vice president of engineering. “This new system uses reliable screw spline construction and is designed for use with our time-tested 400 Series Curtainwall framing.”

In addition to its 400CW, 400T, 400SS and 400TU curtainwall, Tubelite’s Cassette Series is compatible with its MaxBlock® sun shades [ Read More… ]

Tubelite launches 400SS Screw Spline Thermal Curtainwall

September 4th, 2018|

Tubelite Inc.‘s new 400SS Series thermal, screw spline, aluminum-framed curtainwall features a thermally broken system to meet today’ commercial building codes and performance criteria. In addition to delivering high thermal performance (U-Factors) and condensation resistance, the new system is engineered for glazing in either the shop or in the field for installing on low- to mid-rise buildings.

“Based on the feedback we heard from glazing contractors and installers, we completely reinvented the screw spline curtainwall. Our new 400SS Thermal Curtainwall significantly reduces fabrication and installation labor costs to keep pace with fast-paced construction schedules, while supporting energy-efficient building goals,” said Mary Avery, Tubelite’s vice president of marketing.

“The expanded thermal break and thick gasketing of our 400SS Thermal Curtainwall helps buildings meet model energy codes and green building thermal performance guidelines including LEED® certification,” Avery continued. “This system can be pre-assembled, pre-sealed and pre-glazed under factory conditions, or stick-fabricated in the field. It is engineered to efficiently integrate with our operable windows, Therml=Block® entrances, MaxBlock® sun shades and aLuminate® light shelves for complete, [ Read More… ]

Tubelite supports labor-saving installation with integrated system designs

June 1st, 2018|

Centrum Bucktown, Photo by Michael Lipman, courtesy of Tubelite Inc.Helping save time, labor and associated costs, Tubelite has engineered its breadth of aluminum-framed fenestration products to serve as individual components and together, as a complete building envelope. Its windows and doors integrate and install into Tubelite’s curtainwall, window wall and storefront systems.

Tubelite’s products are manufactured to meet the aesthetic, performance and environmental goals of each project, as well as for easy fabrication and installation. Mary Avery, Tubelite’s vice president of marketing, explains, “We’ve introduced several new products in the last few years – our TerraPorte terrace doors, 900RW ribbon windows and Phantom 5000 vents. These fit within our existing products and work together as an integrated system that helps save labor and headaches.”

She continues, “Customers who once relied on us primarily for our entrances and storefront, now count on Tubelite for their one-stop, total package of aluminum-framed entrance, storefront, curtainwall, ribbon and vent window, and daylighting systems. All of our products have been designed and tested to meet stringent industry performance standards.”

[

BD+C shows how Tubelite’s tie-rod doors balance adaptability with durability

May 15th, 2018|

Tubelite’s tie-rod doors are built for easy modification and repair — all without compromising durability and longevity. Pat Neyhart, vice president of Wooster Glass Co., has worked with the company for 40+ years and knows of several Tubelite doors in Wooster, Ohio that have performed for decades.

Click here to read the full article in Building Design+Construction.

The tie-rod doors installed at the Wayne Savings Bank in 1964 remain in operation today, thanks to their durability and adaptable construction. Neyhart says, “Those are the original doors for the bank. We’ve never taken it off or had to replace a tie rod or anything. I cannot remember having anybody go up there to service that door.”

The retail location at 116 East Liberty Street has had many lives during its past 40 years, but like the bank, only one set of doors. Several years ago, Neyhart remembers adding a panic bar exit device on one door. He explains that it was a fairly simple modification: “You take the two tie rods off and replace the rails. You can disassemble the tie rods manually, without power tools, and do it right in the [ Read More… ]

Peek into the portal: Tubelite clients enjoy benefits of password-protected access

May 11th, 2018|

All current and active Tubelite customers can enjoy access to the Client Portal and its features.

Those using the portal most often view their up-to-date order information and shipping status.

Increasingly, our customers also are watching installation and tour videos. Our clients-only video library continues to expand and currently includes:
* Storefront installation, in English or SpanishImage of Tubelite Client Portal
* Curtainwall installation
* Tie-rod doors’ repair and re-assembly
* Door glazing for a standard door with 1-inch glass
* Door glazing for a standard door with 1/4-inch glass
* Tour of our company
* Tour of our extrusions, “How do they do that?”

Our interactive Tubelite Translator Tool has seen nearly constant use since coming online in October 2017. Clients effortlessly translate Tubelite’s extensive offering, by product descriptions and part numbers, with systems and parts of other suppliers.

Regularly updated, other downloadable resources are available with a simple click:
* The complete Price Book, Easy Estimate tool and training presentation
* Substitution requests for support during or after bidding
* Quote and order forms for doors and custom products
* Glass size calculator
* Lead-time guide
* Care and maintenance guide
* Warranty information

Tubelite is dedicated to our clients and continues to seek ways of [ Read More… ]

BD+C features Tubelite’s durable doors for high-traffic entryways

March 23rd, 2018|

Projects built for high traffic and longevity in mind depend on Tubelite’s tie-rod doors.
Building Design+Construction features two successful and enduring project examples:
* Indiana State Fairgrounds’ Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion
* Mount Rushmore National Memorial’s gift shop
“Considering that entry doors are among the most frequently used moving parts of a building, it is impressive how long aluminum doors last and how well they perform. The door of a high-traffic entry such as at a retail facility could see literally hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of openings and closings every year,” begins the article.
Click here to continuing reading this online story.

Please contact us if we can answer any additional questions for you regarding aluminum entrance systems, and let us know how we help you select the most dependable products for your next project.


Considerations for door corner construction methods – BD+C Q&A with Tubelite

January 24th, 2018|

Tubelite’s clients know that a door is one of the hardest-working elements of a building. It has to be engineered and manufactured for high durability. There are millions of aluminum entry doors installed across the country, with some having been in service since the 1950s.

Sharing some of the key success factors in dependable, aluminum entrance systems, Building Design+Construction interviewed Tubelite for “Considerations for door corner construction methods.”

Click here to read this online feature answering the following frequently asked questions:
* Why is door corner construction important?
* What types of extruded aluminum door corner construction are available?
* Which is type of construction is the most durable?
* Does one type have any advantages over the others?
* Are there applicable performance standards?

Please contact us if we can answer any additional questions for you regarding aluminum entrance systems, and let us know how we help you select the most dependable products for your next project.


Tubelite Unveils New 400T Series Thermal Curtainwall

November 9th, 2017|

Tubelite Inc. introduces 400T Series Thermal Curtainwall, a thermally broken curtainwall product designed to meet or exceed today’s stringent energy codes. Recommended for use on medium- and low-rise applications, the system is well suited for retail, office, health care and school buildings.

The new 400T Series has a 2-1/2-inch sightline, with system depths ranging from 6-1/4 to 10-1/4 inches and optional polyamide pressure plates. The system is a shear block, outside glazed, captured curtainwall that can be stick fabricated for field glazing. Its concealed fastener joinery creates a smooth, monolithic appearance. The curtainwall easily integrates with Tubelite’s operable windows, Therml=Block® entrances, MaxBlock® sunshades and aLuminate™ light shelves.

“Customers have depended on our 400 Series curtainwall since the 1980s. The new 400T curtainwall’s expanded thermal break and thicker gasketing offers improved U-Factors and increased condensation resistance factors (CRF) for project needs that exceed Tubelite’s current 400CW thermal barrier system when using the same size and type of insulated glass,” explains Tubelite’s product manager, Tom Mifflin. “Building on Tubelite’s dependable products, our clients have even [ Read More… ]

In the News: Hotel Henry

September 26th, 2017|

Opened in April, Hotel Henry at the Richardson Olmsted Campus in Buffalo, New York, transforms a progressive 19th-century psychiatric hospital into an elegant urban resort and conference center.

The building is a National Historic Landmark and part of a 1,500-foot-long complex of stone and brick buildings by Henry Hobson Richardson that are surrounded by 100 acres of grounds.

Reimagined by New York architects Deborah Berke Partners, the new Hotel Henry features a glass box main entry constructed using Tubelite’s curtainwall system. Blending historic and modern elements, the fresh concept remains true to the original philosophy of this healing environment, which emphasized the restorative and therapeutic potential of daylight, fresh air, and pleasing spaces and views.

Click here to read Architectural Record’s article about this inventive renovation project.

Tubelite Announces Phantom 5000 Zero Sightline Windows

September 21st, 2017|

New from Tubelite, Phantom 5000 zero sightline awning and casement windows allow occupants to enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation and natural light. Engineered for mid-rise commercial and multi-family projects, condominiums, hotels, offices and schools, the windows integrate and install easily into Tubelite’s curtainwall, window wall and storefront systems.

With a 4-1/4-inch system depth, the Phantom windows’ concealed aluminum frame design is virtually invisible from a building’s exterior, providing a consistent appearance of fixed lites. Hinging options allow opening from the bottom or side of the window. Screens are available with frames to match the window.

Phantom 5000 zero sightline windows are American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) AW-rated, indicating that they meet stringent industry testing for air, water and structural performance. These windows also were tested per the AAMA 1503-09 standard, achieving a frame CRFf of 79 for awning units and 78 for casements. They also been tested and modeled per the National Fenestration Council (NFRC) procedure, achieving a U-Factor of 0.32 for thermal transmittance.


About Tubelite Inc.

[

IFMA World Workplace, Oct. 18-19, Houston, Texas

September 19th, 2017|

Apogee Enterprises, Inc.’s Building Retrofit Strategy Team will be representing Tubelite Inc. and exhibiting in booth #1304 at the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) World Workplace Conference and Expo. The Expo is held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, on Oct. 18, 11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. and Oct. 19, 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

In conjunction with the its businesses, Apogee’s Building Retrofit Strategy Team assists building owners and property managers evaluate the benefits of window renovation and upgrades, such as improving the appearance of the building, saving energy, downsizing HVAC loading, reducing maintenance, lowering vacancy rates, increasing rental rates and enhancing the value of the building. Apogee’s business units supporting these building retrofit strategies include Alumicor; EFCO Corporation; Harmon, Inc.; Linetec; Sotawall; Tubelite Inc.; Viracon, Inc.; and Wausau Window and Wall Systems.

To learn more about Apogee’s Building Retrofit Strategy Team’s services and success stories, please contact John Bendt at, 612-790-3137; or Kevin Robbins at, 715-409-0821. To connect with them at IFMA World Workplace, please sign-up for the free expo-only registration at

A [

Tubelite’s article on aluminum doors featured in Construction Specifier

June 2nd, 2017|

Tubelite’s Jon O’Neal recently authored an article in The Construction Specifier on “Considerations for Standard, Modified and Custom Aluminum Doors.”

The seven-page educational feature offers five key factors to consider throughout the selection process for aluminum swinging doors and frames in commercial applications:

  • Extruded aluminum components
  • Hardware requirements and specifications
  • Frame types, components, and options
  • Performance expectations and requirements
  • Finish choices

Click here to read this informative piece.

Tubelite debuts TerraPorte 7600 terrace doors

May 4th, 2017|

Ideal for mid-rise residential projects, condominiums and hotels, Tubelite Inc. introduces TerraPorte 7600 terrace doors. Sizes extend up to 12-feet-tall and easily integrate with Tubelite’s curtainwall, ribbon window or storefront systems, or used as a standalone door.

The 3-1/4-inch aluminum-framed TerraPorte 7600 terrace doors achieve AW-70 Architectural Performance Class requirements set by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). Testing for AW-70 includes stringent criteria for air, water and structural performance, including AAMA 910-16 lifecycle testing to 4,000 operating cycles, with supplemental thermal cycling.

Ensuring safety requirements are met, TerraPorte doors feature multi-lock hardware. Low-profile accessABLE™ sills may be specified to achieve universal design goals. The doors’ heavy-duty aluminum hinges, along with corner key and crimped construction, provide increased durability for frequent use.

Durable anodize or painted finishes also reduce buildings’ maintenance costs and enhance long lifecycles. Paint options include a large palette of colors plus a two-color, split finish option.


About Tubelite Inc.

Established in 1945, Tubelite celebrates 70 years of [ Read More… ]

Hurricane Impact-Resistant Framing and Entrance Systems

April 25th, 2017|

Tubelite Inc. helps commercial buildings meet impact building codes with ForceFront Storm™ curtainwall, storefront and entrances, providing a complete, easy-to-install, hurricane impact-resistant system. ForceFront Storm products are designed for to meet the Florida Building Code’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements. They are approved through the Florida Product Approval (FPA) and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) review processes.

“These hurricane impact-resistant products are engineered to help protect building occupants and property from windborne projectiles and rain water,” says Tom Mifflin, Tubelite’s product manager. “Verifying their performance, Inertek (formerly ATI) tests and approves our ForceFront Storm products to meet today’s industry standards.”


Tubelite ForceFront Storm products include:

* ForceFront Storm Curtainwall (FFS-CW) systems feature a 2-1/2-inch face pressure bar system for use on single- and twin-span applications. FFS-CW has a shear block construction and is available in captured or structural glazed options. A thermal separator and 1-5/16-inch laminated-insulated glass also support stringent, modern energy code requirements.

* ForceFront Storm E44000 Series and E/T34000 Series Storefront systems are design for use on first floor, single-span applications. The E44000 Series 2-1/2-by-5-inch, flush-glazed storefront [ Read More… ]

Tubelite achieves NFRC ACE certification

November 30th, 2016|

Tubelite Inc. has been approved by the National Fenestration Ratings Council (NFRC) as a Manufacturer Approved Calculation Entity (ACE) Organization. NFRC is the global leader in delivering energy and related performance ratings and certification for fenestration products and systems.

In addition to the company’s ACE certified individuals in both the engineering and marketing departments, three Tubelite representatives have earned a Certificate of Approval for successfully completing the ACE Training Workshop: client development manager Dan Goodman, and representatives Rick Hillesheim and Matt Tschida of Hillesheim Architectural Products, Inc.

As an NFRC ACE, each is qualified to carry out performance calculations of fenestration products for design support and final certification using the NFRC Component Modeling Approach (CMA) and software tool (CMAST). Through NFRC’s CMAST libraries of approved frames, glass and spacer components, users can configure fenestration products for a project, and can obtain a U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient and visible transmittance rating for those products. Performance values are then compared to the energy requirements of local energy codes to determine compliance.

Performance of specific Tubelite frame-glass combinations can be obtained from the NFRC Certified [ Read More… ]

Tubelite introduces Therml=Block ribbon window

May 18th, 2016|

Tubelite_900RW_corner_webTubelite Inc. adds a new 900RW Series ribbon windows, with single and dual poured-and-debridged thermal options, as part of its growing Therml=Block™ product line.

“Designed for strip window applications in low- to mid-rise commercial buildings, 900RW ribbon windows save installation time and labor, while meeting model energy codes and supporting LEED® certification,” said Mary Avery, Tubelite’s marketing director. “Even in extreme cold climates, Therml=Block products provide superior energy and condensation resistance performance using multiple thermal barriers, while providing structural integrity and aesthetic flexibility.”

Tubelite’s 900RW ribbon windows have been successfully tested per the National Fenestration Council (NFRC) 102-14 procedure, achieving a U-Factor of 0.30 for thermal transmittance. They also successfully were tested per the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 1503-09 standard, achieving a frame condensation resistance factor (CRFf) of 72. The single and dual thermal break options allow designers to select appropriate thermal performance levels to meet their projects’ requirements.

Glass is positioned at the exterior of Tubelite’s frame and installed from the interior side. Azon’s Lancer™ mechanical surface conditioning of the aluminum extrusion cavity ensures long-term resistance to shrinkage of the polyurethane [ Read More… ]

Tubelite Introduces TU24650 Storefront

April 4th, 2016|

Tubelite_TU24650ThermlBlock_webExpanding its Therml=Block™ product line, Tubelite Inc. announces TU24650 Series storefront system with a dual pocket poured-and-debridged thermal break. This new storefront is part of Tubelite high-performance thermal framing systems designed to address today’s fast-track construction schedules and stringent energy codes. Even in extreme cold climates, Therml=Block products provide superior energy and condensation resistance performance using multiple thermal barriers, while providing structural integrity and aesthetic flexibility.

Tubelite TU24650 storefront is engineered for use on ground floor storefront or protected low-rise applications and tall openings up to 14 feet high. It may be specified as part of a complete offering of Therml=Block entrance, storefront and curtainwall systems, or individually as needed.

This storefront system has been tested per AAMA 1503-09’s standards, achieving a U-Factor of 0.31 for thermal transmittance and a frame condensation resistance factor (CRFf) of 75. “Our new TU24650 dual thermally broken storefront improves U-Factors by 36 percent and increases CRF by 30 percent over a single poured-and-debridged pocket when using the same size and type of insulated glass,” said Mary Avery, Tubelite’s marketing director.

Label certificates validating energy performance for Tubelite’s TU24650 Series storefront [ Read More… ]

Tubelite Introduces INT45 Interior Flush Glaze Framing

January 11th, 2016|

Installation perfect for commercial office and retail space Installation perfect for commercial office and retail space

Tubelite Inc. announces a new extension of its 4500 Series Storefront framing called INT45 Interior Flush Glaze Framing for commercial interiors. Specialized adapters allow Tubelite INT45’s frames to be installed before or after the drywall, completely covering the end of the stud wall and helping meet fast-track construction schedules.

“Our interior framing project was born from listening to our clients. As part of our New Product Introduction process, we seek the Voice of the Customer where clients in various regions share their feedback on market opportunity and design concepts. Their input helped with the new product’s development and ultimately resulted in Tubelite’s first interior framing product line – INT 45,” said Piet Visser, Tubelite’s product development engineer III.

4500-interior-detailTubelite INT45 easily incorporates standard aluminum storefront with metal stud and drywall systems. Perimeter trim members are pre-applied on one side of the 4.5-inch frame opening for simple, fast installation.

Gaskets accommodate 0.25-inch to -0.5-inch glass thicknesses and [ Read More… ]